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  • How to Encourage Your Employees to Be Genuine
    by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - October 27, 2016
    The topic of authenticity in the workplace is nothing new. However, the reality is that each workplace is unique, and cultures run the gamut from open to rigid (and everything in between). I wrote a post over at Glassdoor for Employers recently for employers interested in exploring ways to imbue their environment with a more authentic workforce, and how this may benefit both them and their employees. An outline of my messag...
  • Is A Business Degree Necessary To Get A Job?
    by Debra Wheatman - October 27, 2016
    Deb: I am a college senior majoring in history and women’s studies. I will be graduating in a few weeks, but I’ve already begun looking for a job. I want to work either for a nonprofit that researches and advocates for women’s rights (I interned with one), or for a publisher doing research on women’s issues. My friends and family think that I am nuts, and that I should get my teaching certification s...
  • Perfecting Your Job Interview Strategy
    with Mike Perry and Tim Muma - October 27, 2016
    Many people stress about job interviews, recognizing it's a live, final shot at getting a new position. With proper planning and the right mindset, everyone can have a perfect strategy heading into their job interview. Mike Perry, president of Szarka Financial, has more than 30 years of experience as a hiring manager. He joins Tim Muma to discuss a handful of key items you should focus on for your next interview that will get...
  • Ron Swanson Interviews for a Job...and Shows Us How NOT to Act
    with Ron Swanson and Tim Muma - October 27, 2016
    You can find plenty of advice from experts about what you should say and do in a job interview, but the best teacher is often the one who shows you the wrong way to handle things. Go inside a mock interview with Ron Swanson, a man who says and does what he wants, regardless of the consequences. This is how NOT to act when interviewing for a job. (Photo Credit: @Nick_Offerman on Twitter)
  • The Alchemy of Culture: 4 Key Ingredients from the Found of Qor
    by Steve Farber - October 27, 2016
    If there’s one thing Joe Teno knows with great certainty, it’s that he knows nothing with great certainty. And that’s a good thing to keep in mind if you want to help build an innovative culture. “I’m a firm believer in not knowing,” Teno says. “All things that have potential reside on this edge between knowing and not knowing.” But this much we know: As president of Athle...
  • Turning the Entry-Level Resume Into One With Experience
    with Jessica Holbrook Hernandez and Tim Muma - October 27, 2016
    Resumes are a popular topic on LJNRadio for good reason, and for this episode Tim Muma takes a slightly altered approach. He speaks with Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, president and CEO of Great Resumes Fast, who brings her experienced insights with her. The strategy she brings to this show is finding a way to take one's early resume - often short and light on experience - and finding ways to create a stronger, more professional...
  • How to Tell If You Are in the Wrong Job
    by Marshall Goldsmith - October 26, 2016
    Every once in a while, you have a moment of clarity, a flash of insight into what you really want, who you really want to be, how you really want to live your life. Can you recall a few of these glimpses? I’ve had three such flashes of “temporary sanity” in my life. The first was years and years ago. I broke my neck surfing. I thought I would never walk again. For many months I went through an incredibl...
  • Should Your Business Have A Physical Location?
    by Alexandra Levit - October 26, 2016
    Are you having trouble choosing a business location for your company? Depending on your product or service, it may make sense to start a new business in a particular state, city or town—or to not have a physical business location at all. And although it seems like digital shopping has reached a new high and e-commerce is king, data from the Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce reveals that in Q1 2016, about 93 per...
  • Simple Ways To Build "Brand You"
    by Lindsey Pollak - October 26, 2016
    Faithful readers of my blog know that I am a big advocate of proactively building “Brand You” — that is, your personal brand — or as you may prefer to call it, your professional reputation. Simply put, your personal brand is how people see you, and that image can directly impact your career. Managers, mentors, clients and colleagues want to associate with people they view in a positive way. Whethe...
  • Challenges That Could Blow Up Your Job Search
    by Georgia Adamson - October 25, 2016
    You can plan your upcoming job search to the nth degree and think you have all the bases covered, only to get hit by a challenge you never imagined. What do you do when that happens? Personal Challenges in Your Job Search It isn’t only professional/work challenges you could encounter in your job search. (I’ve talked about some of those before.) What can and should you do when a major personal challenge threat...