Culture Fit Interview Question: How Would You Answer to Get the Offer?
Culture Fit Interview Question: How Would You Answer to Get the Offer?
I had an HR consultant reach out to me and ask how we prepare candidates for culture fit interview questions.

Essentially, she wanted to know about the list of questions we use to prepare our clients for when companies want to determine if someone is a good culture fit for their organization.

This is the part of the interview process when the company has already determined that your qualifications are suitable. Now the hiring managers want to see if you are a fit with the culture of the firm.

We have a list of about a dozen questions we address with clients, but this is my personal favorite to ask.

What would your answer be?

“Let’s be blunt. We all have a down side, a weakness, a quirk, or whatever you want to call it, that we will eventually find out about each other. If you start working here, what is the one thing I’ll learn about you in due time? Can you give me a heads up about it?”

(When they answer, I’d tell them about my downside/quirk/weakness, so no one feels vulnerable.)

If you were asked this question, how would you answer?

People who can answer this question (and the rest of the cultural fit questions) will reinforce to the prospective hiring manager that they will be a good fit.

You can go on a ton of interviews, demonstrate that you have the right qualifications, and if you are still not landing the offer, then you are probably struggling with the cultural fit interview questions.

Need proof?

Lauren was struggling with getting the offer on the multitude of interviews she was attending. She was frustrated. She has an amazing background (full of wins), and was advancing through the interview process, but not getting the offer.

Lauren hired us for our Interview Mastery System.

And we addressed what she was struggling with. She sent this email 11 days after hiring us:

“Hi Lisa: I listened to everything your company told me and I got the job offer!!! Your company and services rock and truly are effective. I already recommended a friend, who’s having a similar issue, to contact your company for coaching. Thank you a million times. There are no words to thank you for having your company exist!!


Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to tell you how to answer these cultural fit questions better.