Company Overview

A Caring Program with a Traditon of Excellence

The goal of Tomorrow's Children is to create a positive, healthy environment for each child. Children/Adolescents in trauma experience fear, chaos, unpredictability and frustration. Their brain is stimulated and because of the over-stimulation, they have a lower ability to handle stressful situations. Their energy is centered on finding safety. Tomorrow's Children provides a structured, safe environment that provides stability and security for traumatized children.

Our mission is to provide the children/adolescents with a safe, positive, caring, learning environment while teaching them to be successful in a community setting.

Program Highlights:

  • One of the most unique aspects of our program is the ability to design an individual treatment plan to fit each child's specific needs.
  • Tomorrow's Children focuses on enhancing positive change with the intent of returning the child to their family/community as soon as possible.
  • We begin the process of transitioning the child to their home upon admission.
  • Individual/group counseling is integrated into each child's treatment plan to better facilitate and learn the process of internal control.
  • We follow a trauma informed plan of care.
  • Flexible family/caretaker involvement.
  • Home-like environment utilizing ranch style homes.
  • Team approach with a high staff to child ratio.
  • Utilization of small group care and instruction to maximize each child's potential and involvement in the program.
  • Unique, comprehensive on-grounds educational program.
  • Leisure time skill building .
  • Involvement in public school whenever appropriate.
  • 30 day assessments and/or short term program.

General Information:

  • Licensed Residential Care Center for boys and girls ages 5 to 18
  • Unique ranch homes situated on 15 acres in a private Cul de sac established in 1973
  • Specializing in multiple diagnoses/mentally ill children/adolescents with severe emotional disturbance, aggressive and sexually inappropriate behaviors.
  • Success working with children/adolescents experiencing multiple placement failures
  • On grounds education and collaboration with public schools
  • Caring, compassionate, highly trained staff
  • Comprehensive, awake 24 hour a day supervision
  • Nutritious home style meals in a family setting
  • Centrally located in Waupaca, Wisconsin

Company Summary
Tomorrow's Children Inc.
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Waupaca, WI