Company Overview
In early 1921, Mathew Andis, Sr. built a working model of an electric clipper. Small and self-contained, this new clipper withstood every possible performance test. Production began in the basement of the family home; Anna Andis, his wife, wound coils and the rest of the family assembled the clippers. Mathew sold them door to door to the barbershops of Racine and the surrounding area. Convinced that he had created the best clipper on the market, he borrowed a little capital and established the Andis Clipper Company a year later. Andis rented cramped quarters in an industrial building and began to manufacture his electric clipper. American barbers embraced the new Andis Clipper with real enthusiasm, for never before had they seen a clipper that was so small, so compact, yet so fast and practical. The new clipper was well received and demand soon exceeded supply. The company moved into a new factory building with 16,000 square feet. For more than 77 years, Andis has produced the finest quality clippers and trimmers for the barber and beauty industry to assure the highest level of professional results. Manufacturing the majority of clippers made in the US, Andis also offers a complete line of quality clippers and trimmers for animal grooming for small and large animals-dogs, horses, cattle, sheep. From heavy-duty motor clippers to lightweight adjustable blade models, cordless models to ear trimmers, quiet-operating Andis clippers handle the whole grooming job, head, ears, and body. Professional groomers rely on the quality and design of Andis clippers, trimmers and blades. Another market area that Andis has ventured into is consumer products, which includes home haircutting kits, hair dryers, and curling irons/brushes for use at home. For the hotel and motel market, Andis manufactures wall mounted hair dryers.

Today, Andis distributes its products all over the world. In Canada, Andis services the same market areas as in the USA. Andis’ personal care products for consumers can be purchased in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Central America, Europe, Middle East, and South America. The Andis world headquarters is located in Racine County, Wisconsin, and the company has offices in Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong. In 1997, Andis Company built an air-conditioned, state-of-the-art factory. This new 107,000 square foot building includes production areas, as well as warehouse capacity for storing new materials and offices for the entire staff. The facility is located in the Renaissance Industrial Park in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Andis Company's growth was possible only with dedicated company management and an outstanding workforce that concentrates on producing the best quality products for today's market. Andis currently employs 400 people at the facility.
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Andis Company
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