Company Overview

West Bend Transit’s history began in 1911 when two cousins in the coal industry, Henry P. and Henry E. Schloemer, became business partners and formed West Bend Drayage Company with three teams of horses. By 1916 the Federal Government had begun building new roads and the Standard Oil Company introduced its first “Gas Station”. This is also the year that West Bend Drayage bought their first truck.

With a truck instead of a team of horses, West Bend Drayage was able to make a daily trip from West Bend WI to Milwaukee WI. It took all day to make the trip and was only done during the summer months. Many of these trips were made to service the meat packing plants in Milwaukee. When the state built the first highway between West Bend and Milwaukee, West Bend Drayage was able to make the trip year round. In 1921 West Bend Drayage became West Bend Transit & Service Company. Over the years West Bend Transit has provided our community and the residents its coal for heating, the local school bus service for the public schools, and transportation services for many of Wisconsin and Illinois’s manufacturers and suppliers. Today our West Bend Transit focuses on providing a seamless, top quality transportation service throughout the Midwest, for Companies locally and around the World.

The Schloemer family, now in its fourth generation still owns and manages West Bend Transit & Service Company, and is proud that our business has survived and thrived over the past 100 years.

Company Summary
West Bend Transit
Number of Employees
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105 South Forest Avenue
West Bend, WI