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We reflect this mission in our work, in our team approach to meeting objectives and in each of the products and services we provide to our customers. When fully embraced internally, it does not need to be publicly displayed but will be noticeable by our actions.


At Van Horn Automotive Group, we recognize that staying competitive in an ever-changing marketplace requires collaboration and acceptance of ideas from our associates. The merit of a good idea is not judged by rank or title, but by its overall benefit to the company. Empowered associates are more confident, insightful, and motivated to achieve. This motivation is not driven exclusively by career advancement, but an overall commitment to progress.


We don’t just aim to satisfy but strive to delight. To be amazing is to be mindful, creative and unexpected. Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to be revered and remembered. Whether its a thoughtful gesture, a unique experience, or a delivery half-way across the country; our customers deserve to be amazed and our associates empowered to amaze them.


Core values support the vision of the Van Horn Automotive Group and are the essence of our identity.

Passion – We share a passion to provide an outstanding experience to every guest.
Integrity – We strive to complete every transaction in an ethical and transparent manner.
Creativity – We will continue to grow our business through innovation and investment in cutting-edge technology.
Optimism – We will not be deterred by pessimists and market trends. We believe that we will adapt and flourish in all market conditions.



Not a slogan or a jingle, but rather simple truth. It’s what distinguishes the Van Horn Automotive Group from other dealerships. It’s our badge; our true north. While claims and promises can be disputed, facts are undeniable. We don’t need to make comparisons with our competition. Our quiet is our confidence.

The order of these phrases demonstrates a transition of ownership and accountability. The core values of the business, established by the Van Horn family, have been entrusted to be upheld by our associates.


The Van Horn Automotive Group has been a family-owned business for over 50 years. Joe Van Horn moved from Chicago, IL to Plymouth, WI to open his first store; and since 1966, the Van Horn family has been selling cars to the public and supporting the local community. Rooted in Midwestern values, the concept of the family represents acceptance, trust, and authenticity. Our family extends beyond bloodlines and is offered to our employees and customers as an open invitation to join. It’s a membership where quality, service, and dependability are implied and can go unspoken. No family is perfect, nor is any vehicle, nor is any customer’s credit. Our promise is to find the right vehicle for YOU, and the fact that its YOURS is what makes it perfect.


The Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) is a unique benefit that invests in our associates and their future. It’s a differentiating reason to work for Van Horn Automotive Group and is unmatched by any other dealer in Wisconsin. But the benefit of employee ownership does not end with the individual. It is naturally transferred to the customer in the form of a higher level of service, pride, and genuine desire to succeed. With ownership, the success of the employee is determined by the satisfaction of the customer.

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