Company Overview
For 100 years – one-third of the time under the leadership of Jim and Viola’s children – Kaltenberg Seeds has married science and technology. The result of their efforts can be seen in many ways. It shows itself in the depth and breadth of the company’s product line-up, in the new seed varieties offered every year, and in the varieties that are being developed. Kaltenberg Seeds has taken pride in offering varieties that produce generous harvests and that require fewer chemicals. The company has been and continues to be at the forefront in offering the most current “prescription” seed treatments, characteristics, and traits in the industry. Kaltenberg Seeds utilizes gentler harvesting techniques such as “husk-on” and “soft sizing” and has implemented new techniques for drying, sorting, and handling. All of this contributes to higher seed quality. Whether it’s a new technique or a new variety, innovation is at the core of Kaltenberg Seed's development and has a direct effect on the bottom line of their customers.

In addition to Jim and Viola’s children, there are other “members” of the Kaltenberg Seeds’ family who have played an integral role in the company’s success. Over the years, hundreds of men and women, young and old, have worked side-by-side with the Kaltenbergs. They planted and harvested the seed; they continue to hand-sort the seed corn ears. For thousands of youngsters who are proud veterans of the summer ritual of detasseling, working for and with the Kaltenbergs remains a cherished memory. There’s a dedicated sales force of district sales managers, distributors and dealers who approach the farmers with the same understanding, consideration and dedication to customer service Jim Kaltenberg had. And there is a new generation of Kaltenbergs – Jim and Viola’s grandchildren – who are also looking forward to joining their parents in carrying on the work started by their great-grandfather.

And there are the farmers who have bought an ever-expanding range of offerings from Kaltenberg Seeds: the corn hybrids, the soybeans, soft red winter wheat, forages, alfalfa, sorghum, and oats – offerings that have the traits farmers have asked for, product that is intended to help farmers improve their bottom line. Kaltenberg Seeds’ customers have been the major factor in Kaltenberg Seeds’ CENTURY OF SUCCESS..
Company Summary
Kaltenberg Seed Farms, Inc.
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