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About Our Milwaukee, WI Accounting Firm - AM Accounting and Tax Services LLC

At times, the task of handling your personal taxes or running a family business can seem daunting.  As a resident of the Milwaukee area and the owner of an independent accounting firm, CPA Alice Zaganczyk understands what her clients are experiencing when assisting with their tax and accounting needs. To best accommodate the realities our clientele face, AM Accounting & Tax Service, LLC uses a unique, personalized approach when providing individual and business accountant services in Southeast and Downtown Milwaukee.

Direct Managerial Contact
It can be difficult to find a certified public accountant who will talk directly to you about your concerns. Dealing with staff other than your CPA regarding your tax return can be a frustrating situation. When this distance exists between you and the expert providing service, it can raise concerns that your needs are not being met.
Our Milwaukee CPA maintains an open communication policy with her clients to avoid this situation. When you call our office and ask to speak to Alice, she does all she can to get on the phone with you or, if she cannot do so, replies to your message as soon as she is available.  Since your questions and concerns are brought to Alice’s attention immediately, she can set to work answering and resolving these as quickly as possible.

Professionally Reviewed Services
Critical services for your local business should always be reviewed by a CPA. The likelihood of costly mistakes or errors on important records and documents is significantly reduced when the work of an accounting firm receives oversight from a certified expert.

Just as Alice is on hand to take your calls, she also has a hand in the work each member of our staff performs. Alice personally reviews your tax returns, financial statements, and other records to assure quality of the work. We want the individuals and family-owned companies who visit us to feel confident they are receiving dependable services that have received extensive professional evaluation.

Educating Clients for Future Success
Our Milwaukee CPA firm believes helping clients resolve their financial or record-keeping issues is not enough. We want to help our clients avoid these situations in the future. This is why we educate our clients on bookkeeping and accounting matters, explaining the importance of tracking certain expenditures for year-end tax deductions, provide context on the data reported on a balance sheet, and other information to aid our clients in taking charge of their financial situation.

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