What is #Hirefriday and How Can You Best Utilize It?
If you’re a fan of Twitter, then you know that there are thousands of hashtags out there, including some you’ve probably made up when having a #slowandboringday. As a job seeker, it’s good to know about ones that relate to finding employment, as they can lead you to amazing opportunities.

For instance, some have heard about #hirefriday and wonder how it is best utilized. Let’s take a closer look at this unique hashtag and how it’s relevant for the Twitter-savvy job seeker.

What is #Hirefriday?

#Hirefriday is a hashtag dedicated specifically to allowing recruiters to locate job candidates as they tweet about actively seeking employment. It was started in February 2010 by Margo Rose as a way to promote individuals looking for work.

Originally, Rose thought it would be a good idea to tweet a job seeker’s @name/jobtitle/industry/location/keywords every Friday to help that person get before the eyes of her extensive list of followers—roughly 85 percent of which she says are recruiters and HR professionals.

But over time, the concept evolved so that now people tweet their own information with the hashtag #hirefriday in the tweet, and then ask those who follow them to retweet the information.

Rose says that her colleagues, along with thousands of other recruiters and managers, watch the stream every week. As a result, they are able to locate candidates that they’re interested in. If they like what they see in the Twitter feeds and streams, they get in contact with them.

How Can You Best Utilize It?

Individuals who seem to benefit the most from #hirefriday are those who have numerous followers. Because a great deal of exposure comes from having followers retweet job information, the more followers a person has, the more likely a lot of people will retweet for them.

What’s great about the concept is that a person can also retweet for a stranger and vice versa. Rose hopes that many people will help each other out in this way to give everyone more exposure.

So how can you make the most of #hirefriday? An example of how you might tweet your information is: “Avail now / Mktg Mgr / Atlanta (relo poss) / Retail / ow.ly/hvJ3 / #jobseeker #HireFriday – Pls RT!”

In layman’s terms, the tweet states that the seeker is available now, is a retail marketing manager living in Atlanta, and may be able to relocate. Also, the seeker has posted a tiny URL resume link (ow.ly/hvJ3) and added the hashtag #jobseeker, along with #hirefriday. Finally, the seeker is asking people to please retweet the information.

This is a great example of a person making the most of his or her #hirefriday tweet. With help from others, the seeker may have an opportunity to be seen by recruiters. The weekly event offers a great chance for seekers to be found—and is something you may want to take advantage of as well as you start or continue your job search.