The Job Search Perch
Now that you have a quality résumé created, what are you going to do with it? How are you going to approach your job search? Do you have a strategy?

If you don't have a quality-driven strategy to attract quality companies and interviews, you may as well not spend much time creating that quality résumé.

The first thought most job seekers have is to post the "new" résumé on the well-known job boards and then hope that someone contacts them. Some people browse job boards looking at jobs to apply for - and then submit their résumé to the job opportunity "black hole" (why is it you never hear from these companies?).

Place your mind on your "job search perch" - elevate your thinking to a level and height where you can look down on your situation and see the big picture. Don’t send out résumés in a shotgun approach and then sit back waiting for someone to knock on your door.

YOU need to be in control of your job search. YOU need to hold yourself accountable for the daily progress made in your job transition or career change. Job search strategy is not just finding companies to send your résumé to - it's finding THE companies that YOU want to work for, preparing for the interviews and knowing how to manage the job offer process.

Pledge to yourself that you will commit to the job search in a total quality way and you will find the job search will be more manageable and less frustrating.