ROI, Your Job Search And Social Media
“What’s the ROI? How do you know you are GETTING something from it? How much time do you spend?”

These are questions a friend of mine asks when I talk about how much I enjoy using Twitter to connect with colleagues and job seekers. She wants quantified RESULTS. How much money did I earn from it? How many clients do I have because of Twitter? She’s busy. She needs to make every second count.

I’m thinking, “Do you ask about the ROI and decide if you are going to use the phone for your business? Email?” Do you know much MONEY you made last month because you use the phone?

I’m thinking, “If you want to move your business to the next level and doing what you have always done is not working, it is time to try something new. Something new does not always come with any immediate ROI. It builds. Snowballs. When that something new is Twitter, the impact could come in drips – a new client here and there – a retweet or two, or it may come in a wave – a new business opportunity or partner, a new friend.”

We have lots of opportunities to expand our circles. Entrepreneurs have opportunities to share our expertise and sell our services. Similarly, job seekers can dive in, stake a claim online and lay claim to their own “brands.” Are you going to see an immediate “return” on your investment in social networks as a job seeker? Probably not, although you never know. (After all, it only takes one good contact.) Certainly, you can sit on the sidelines, shaking your head and saying, “That will never work. I can’t do that. It takes too much time.” It is your own choice.

My vote? Dive in “with wild abandon,” as my English teacher used to say. (Although, he was talking about great books, not Twitter!) Do something new! Try something different. It’s a chance. A risk that you will be “wasting your time.” Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you have something to offer, get out there and offer it or no one will know.

Just do it. What is stopping you?