Finding Balance in Your Work Life
I just read an article about how much Americans hate their jobs. Turns out that less than 45% of individuals aged 45 to 54 have these feelings. With workload noted as a major source of distress, my first thought was of work-life balance, a problem of job stress as much as a matter of time management. No picnic either way.

As many folks have interpreted it, having balance between work and life means having more time for life outside of work. Yet, life outside of work has its fair share of, well, ... work! Having a life also requires doing things like shopping, household chores, meal preparation, and child care. Work. Work. Work.

Feeling overwhelmed?

If you are, it is not hard to find good tips for achieving better work-life balance. When it comes to your job, where you spend the greatest amount of time each week, consider a change of perspective. Honestly evaluate your overall work situation, from the time you leave home to the time you return, and list all of the positives and negatives.

In your list of positives, focus on things that bring you a sense of achievement, pleasure, and fulfillment. Often, these sources of satisfaction can help energize you during your work day, leading to a greater sense of balance. Regarding negatives, consider ways to change or eliminate them based on what you can actually control. As often as not, however, what you can actually control will be limited to your own behaviors and reactions. Still, change your view, change your life.

Ultimately, your job is a part of your life and can be an important source of purpose and meaning. To the extent that you approach it with a sense of balance, you will find more joy in your life as a whole.

Contact me if you want to evaluate your work life and set up a plan for finding more balance on the job.