Executive Coaching – Coaching the Whole Person
Effective coaching is a major key to improving business performance. Working Resources San Francisco Bay Area Executive Coaching focuses on the qualities of good leadership and improved business results. Executive Coaching is comprised of a series of structured, one-on-one interactions between a coach and an executive, aimed at enhancing the executive's performance in two areas:
• Individual personal performance
• Individual organizational performance
I am currently providing executive coaching for the founders of a mid-sized company. Our main focus is on leadership issues, but interwoven into our work is developing the complete person based on their values. My belief is that to help leaders become more effective you need to develop the whole person.
My approach to coaching the whole person can be summarized as follows:
Holistic: A whole being or integral approach that engages and taps into a client's body, mind, soul and heart. Managing change involves our whole body and authentic self.

Self-Awareness and Presence: Expanding our own and our client's capacity for self-awareness, presence and self-generation is key if we want to awaken from our past conditioning, and begin to make different choices aligned with our values. We can develop new perspectives that create exciting options and new possibilities.

Strengths: Tapping into our strengths what is already present and healthy within us instead of focusing on what is missing. We can learn to grow from a space of self-acceptance and compassion, not from a place of frustration and judgment. Competencies and skills need to be developed bringing out resources that already reside within us.

Metaphors and Practices: Use of metaphors and supportive practices for dramatically changing our current way of being into a new way that better meets where we are and our dream or vision for reinventing our lives. Metaphors make the process of transformative change come alive and practices are where deep insights get turned into new behaviors and habits.
Are you working in a professional services firm or other organization where executive coaches provide leadership development for emotionally intelligent leaders? Does your organization provide executive coaching to help leaders develop executive presence? Leaders with highly developed executive presence tap into their emotional intelligence and social intelligence skills to fully engage employees and customers.
One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is “How committed am I to personal development?” Emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent organizations provide executive coaching for collaborative leaders who develop their whole person.