Eight Ways To Make A Good First Impression
1. Preparation. This takes many forms, but make sure you understand what the employer’s looking for and cite examples from your past to show you meet their needs.

2. Resume. No typos, one or two pages in length, include key words which match with those listed in the requirements or qualifications.

3. Stand up in the lobby. Make sure you’re standing when the employer pops his head into the lobby. Why? People first look to other people at eye level. By standing you appear enthusiastic and ready for business.

4. Dress appropriately. This can mean different clothing for different jobs, but always err on the dressier side when in doubt.

5. Appearance. Don’t detract from your message of being a competent professional by exhibiting poor hygiene or inappropriate hairstyles.

6. Body language. This includes everything from maintaining good eye contact to a firm handshake to sitting up to avoiding nervous fidgeting.

7. Ask good, open ended questions.

8. Relax. The interview is an exchange of information. It’s a chance to convey why you’re a fit for the position. The employer’s not simply hiring a robot with skills, they’re hiring a personality. Let yours be one of enthusiasm and confidence.