Eight Common Job Interview Mistakes
1. Not asking for the job. While not a literal question, asking for the job means restating your interest in the position.

2. Failing to ask appropriate questions. A lack of relevant questions shows a lack of adequate preparedness.

3. Failing to ask any questions. This shows not only your lack of preparedness, but that you just don’t care.

4. Failing to adequately provide examples from your work history to illustrate you have the skills to perform the job. This is especially important when you’re attempting to transfer your skills to a different industry.

5. Talking too long. Most candidates are nervous and seek to do an information dump on the employer. Too much information, particularly when you’re not a compelling speaker, leads to boredom and rejection.

6. Resume issues. Typos, length, lack of key words.

7. Thank you note. Didn’t your mom tell you to say “thank you” when you were little? Why stop just because you’re older? It’s another way to “touch” the employer and a good way to correct a statement you made in the interview.

8. Failing to “keep control.” This means making sure you understand what will be the next step in the hiring process and when that’ll likely occur.