College Grads Should Ask These 12 Job Interviews Questions
Many new college grads think the only important job interview questions they should know about are the job interview questions that will be asked by the recruiter. Not so. As part of an effective job search strategy, new college grads should develop their own list of job interview questions to ask recruiters.

As part of the job interview process, job seekers are given opportunity to ask their own questions once recruiters have exhausted their questions. College grads who ask good questions in the job interview, gain points with recruiters.

One very effective job interview strategy is for the college grad to develop a list of questions to ask. When the recruiter invites questions, the college grad should take the time to open his or her portfolio and go to their list of possible job interview questions.

If a question was already answered during the interview, don't ask it again; unless seeking further clarification. Check off or strike through questions as they are asked so there is no confusion. Take notes on the answers if necessary.

This list of potential questions a college grad can use in the job interview, ends with that most important question. Place an asterisk beside this question and don't end the job interview without asking, "What should I expect as the next step in the selection process?"

What are the personal qualities, skills and experience would help someone be effective in this job from day one? Please describe a typical day on this job?

What would you say is the greatest challenge in doing this job?

What are the company's plans for growth in the next five years?

What would you personally improve with this organization if you had the opportunity?

What is a typical career path for someone hired into this position?

What type of training programs are offered for new employees?

Can you tell me more about how employees are evaluated in the performance review process?

If I were to be hired, what are the departmental priorities when I come on board?

What is the retention rate of the employees in this position?

Does your organization have an established mentoring program?

What types of opportunities are there for collaborations across departments and divisions?

Note to self - ASK ABOUT NEXT STEPS!