7 Techniques for Work/Life Balance
Maintaining work/life balance is the hardest thing to accomplish in adulthood. Many people today are too busy making a living that they don’t have time to make a life. Don’t expect to continue down the same path and get any significant changes in your life. Where you go with your work/life balance should be by choice not chance. Don’t focus on what you can’t do; focus on what you can do!

1. Ask Questions and Reprioritize
• What are the things that cause me the most stress?
• What memories am I creating? What memories do I want to create in the future?
• What really are my top ten priorities for this year?
• What non-priorities will I say “NO!” to this year?
• What centers me?
• Pursue your passion persistently!!!

2. Manage Time
• Compass & Clock – they point you in the right direction and tell you how much time you have left.
• Am I spending time doing the things most important to me?
• When am I the most focused or productive?
• How much of my day is reactive?
• When does the office close?
• Stay in a morning and bedtime routine.
• Schedule “Unscheduled Time” - make an appointment for alone time to reflect, (i.e., “No commitments Saturday from 1-5pm.”).
• Set a pace that works for you.

3. Organize
• What am I really accomplishing?
• What tasks in my life could I eliminate?
• What tasks could be performed less frequently?
• What tasks could I afford to pay others to perform?
• What specific investments will I make in my core priorities this year?

4. Make Decisions
• What 3 things do I need closure on?
• What 3 things will be new initiatives for me?
• What’s the cost of this choice I need to make?
• Will this decision add value to my life or create more stress?
• What sacrifices will I make to achieve my work/life goals?
• Is what I’m doing today, worth talking about tomorrow?
• When someone makes a request, don’t make an impulsive decision, instead stall: “Let me think about it and get back to you.”

5. Let Go
• Let go of any toxic relationships or situations that drains your energy or exhausts you.
• Consult with a therapist to work through any personal issues.
• People are like elevators: Is this person going to bring me to the next level or are they bringing me down?
• Let go of things holding you back (i.e., clutter, paper, negativity, clothing, luxury items, toys, etc.).
• Prune any activities that are not productive: “What can I let go of this year?

6. Implement Action Items
• Control the impulse to act immediately. Reflect first, and then act.
• Identify and eliminate 3 things holding you back.
• Implement one micro-goal each day.

7. Possess a Positive Attitude
• Erase the tape of any negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.
• Visualize how TODAY will be a “Totally Awesome Day”
• Move from a “Scarcity Mentality” to an “Abundance Mentality.”
• Live simply, expect less and give more.

Tom’s Tip:v “The quality of your life is proportional to the quality of the questions you ask and answer.” – Tony Robbins