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Management Decisions - Post-Pregnancy Discrimination
Recorded: 10/1/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
It's likely, as an employer, you will have a woman in your workplace blessed with a pregnancy. While it can be a joyous time for everyone involved, th...
Moving Up the Ladder - In-Person vs. Virtual Networking
Recorded: 10/1/2014
Duration: 13 Mins
As we often discuss, networking is vital to a successful career, whether you're looking to build relationships in your current position or attempting...
I Want to Be a - Major League Baseball Umpire
Recorded: 9/30/2014
Duration: 20 Mins
Do you think you have what it takes to call strike three on some of the most popular stars in Major League Baseball? This edition examines what it tak...
Gender in the workplace is often discussed in relation to how co-workers and employees are treated. Another perspective relates to gender's role in th...
Well known stories often teach us lessons more effectively than other forms of teaching or training. People have discussed the "Wizard of Oz" and its...
I Want to Be a - Color Consultant
Recorded: 9/23/2014
Duration: 20 Mins
It's reasonable to assume you've never heard of a color consultant, so LJNRadio is here to give you the full story. Amy Troutman, senior color consult...
Management Decisions - Bias in Your Eye for Talent
Recorded: 9/22/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
For anyone in charge of hiring or recruiting talent, it's important the focus remain on knowledge, skills, experience and fit. However, the potential...
On more than a few occasions (most likely) you'll be looking to move on from your current employer in search of a new job, which can create some anxio...
It’s every hiring manager's and recruiter's worst nightmare: a vetted candidate accepts a position, then later backs out for a multitude of reasons. S...
On August 19, 2014, OFCCP finally issued a Directive on Gender Identity and Sex Discrimination that clearly acknowledged that gender discrimination un...
I Want to Be a - Sonographer
Recorded: 9/18/2014
Duration: 21 Mins
Sonographers are diagnostic medical professionals who use ultrasounds to get images of items like organs and tissues inside the body. Of course, many...
The LJNRadio Quad - Episode 64
Recorded: 9/18/2014
Duration: 23 Mins
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-re...
You Do What? - I'm a Cruise Director
Recorded: 9/18/2014
Duration: 19 Mins
If you've ever had the chance to take a trip on a cruise ship, then you've seen how much time and energy goes into making it a fun and memorable exper...
I Want to Be a - Baseball Play-by-Play Announcer
Recorded: 9/16/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
The individuals who bring baseball fans the action often become part of their soundtrack of the summer, painting a picture of the game while fans go a...
With the advancement of technology and the impact it plays in communication, there are bound to be some bumps in the road for those learning to use it...
The human resources department of any organization takes on numerous responsibilities to help ensure the company and the employees are as successful a...
Management Decisions - Servant Leadership
Recorded: 9/15/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
Coined by Robert K. Greenleaf, “servant leadership” is “…a philosophy that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations, and ultimat...
Moving Up the Ladder - Lessons From the Foxhole
Recorded: 9/15/2014
Duration: 15 Mins
For many individuals, the lessons they learn come from experience in the workplace and interacting with people in a particular industry. However, it's...
You Do What? - I'm an Illusionist
Recorded: 9/15/2014
Duration: 17 Mins
Illusionists (or magicians) have found some mainstream success in the entertainment world, but some may still view it as an interesting and odd choice...
Employment Notebook - Dealing With Difficult People
Recorded: 9/11/2014
Duration: 18 Mins
In our careers, and personal lives, there will always be the one difficult person that is challenging to deal with. Whether they are your team member,...
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