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  The Nine Stages of The Interview
by Thomas J. Denham - May, 2010
There is, in fact, a logical process to the interview. By knowing the particular the sequence of the interview, you will perform with greater confidence. Every interview is going to have its own flow, but the following is a sample format for most one hour interviews. 1. Walking in the Door - Arrive no more than 10 minutes early. Go to the bathroom and check your professional appearance. Believe it or not when you walk i...
  Two Ways to Pick Your Career
by Thomas J. Denham - Apr, 2010
My clients sometimes say, “I just don’t know what I want.” Most of them are just confused. They actually do know what they want; they are just having a crisis of choice given all the many options available today. There are 2 ways to pick your career. The first way is Inductive Career Decision-Making where you start with a list of specific jobs and then look for the patterns that emerge into a general field you are consid...
  Focus First, Network Second
by Thomas J. Denham - Mar, 2010
The number one reason clients work with me is because they lack focus. A typical client may have been tossing around a few ideas in their head for a while, but are just not sure. Sometimes, they’ve been on the Internet seeing what’s out there with little or no luck. Without a sharply defined focus, this process quickly becomes scattered leaving them feeling confused, discouraged and at-risk of giving up any hope for change....
  The Ten Deadly Sins of Career Development
by Thomas J. Denham - Feb, 2010
1. Phobia – Whether it is fear of failure or fear of success, this psychological obstacle is the number one reason clients do not reach their goals. FEAR is really an illusion that stands for False, Evidence Appearing Real. We choose safety over self-actualization because we fear the unknown and the ambiguity of the future. Fear is a test of commitment and a way to focus your attention on answering the question: “Is thi...
  Save Your Change and then Change Your Career
by Thomas J. Denham - Jan, 2010
A job change is an ideal time to reflect on your overall financial picture. According to Spectrum Group/Access Research (2001), 50% of all job changers consulted a professional financial advisor to help them decide what to do with their retirement savings. Financial planning for most people is totally overwhelming, and so we have to make smart choices. I don’t pretend to be an investment advisor, but I do suggest you think...
  The Eight Major Types of Interviews
by Thomas J. Denham - Dec, 2009
There are many types of interviews serving diverse purposes. Knowing what to expect can help you achieve your goals. 1. Informational Interview The objective of this interview is to ask for advice and learn more about a particular career field, employer or particular job. Interviewing experts in their field is one more way to become more occupationally literate. The knowledge that you gain here will make you a sharper a...
  The Career Be-Attitudes
by Thomas J. Denham - Nov, 2009
The economy is changing the world of work. The new way of doing things requires not only technical mastery but also “soft skills” including integrative ability, reliability, dedication, determination and interpersonal relations. To stay ahead of the game, follow these 10 “be-attitudes” for your continued successful and healthy career development. 1. Be Mentored - Pick someone smarter than you are who will teach you the ro...
  Telephone Tips and Following-Up
by Thomas J. Denham - Nov, 2009
After applying for a position, the follow–up is often overlooked in the job search. Master the process with these pointers: 1. Prepare Before Calling - Know the main purposes of follow-up calls: 1) to reiterate your interest in the position and desire for an interview, 2) to restate your key points and 3) to obtain an update on your status. A resume will not get you hired; only an interview can. 2. Practice Overcomin...
  Hosting a Career Party
by Thomas J. Denham - Sep, 2009
Sometimes my clients retreat when ownership is required for their job search. Some are embarrassed at their age not knowing what they want to be when they grow up. My advice is to fight the tendencies of isolationism, self-doubt, anxiety and frustration by reaching out to your team of friends and family. In other words, throw what I call “The Career Development Party.” 1. Before the Party Start by, inviting a number of...
  Social Networking is High Tech and High Touch
by Thomas J. Denham - Aug, 2009
Social Networking is all the rage these days with such sites as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Classmates, Reunion, and Plaxo. Essentially, these sites function as Internet based communities for the purpose of sharing similar interests. They’re great for staying connected with friends, family and associates, but how can you use them to build your career. Since most jobs are never even posted, In-Person Networking is the mos...
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